In Media (= Right to Talk) acts as debater and as expertise in articles and interviews.

We contribute to the debate in order to raise awareness among politicians, public servants, professionals and the public at large and to rouse public opinion in favour of care, disability services and a worthy, dignified life. We bring out issues on the daily lives of the gravely speech impaired, autistic and cognitively disabled persons and their families.

By publishing articles, we contribute to the improvement of a sound multiprofessional knowledge of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), special education, signing, (re)habilitation, service plans, care, value base, attitudes and carers. The UN Convention on Human Rights for Disabled People forms the basis for our activities (UN Enable).

Most of our articles exist in Finnish, Swedish and English. However, we do not translate the articles for the web. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of possible Google Translate or other translations. When possible, we write an executive summary in each language of our web for the articles.

Articles published in other media are listed to the right on this page. Other fact and debate articles are found on our home page, in our blog on the home page and under on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. On Twitter we use the name @AAC_Terry. We write primarily in Finnish, Swedish and English, but sometimes also in French and German.