About us

Our expertise originates from multiple formal qualifications in combination with having first hand experience from the role as caregivers. We combine professional expertise with caregiver expertise, thus aiming at 2 + 2 = 6, added value in all our areas of expertise. Our main focus is on AAC, special education, AAC –special education, autism, developmental delay and human rights.

We offer consultation, education, coaching, guidance, materials, development, lobbying, negotiations, mediation and legal advice for experts (in (re)habilitation, education, social work, health care, organisations), care giving experts, disabled, management, officials, politicians and the general public in

  • legal issues (legislation and legal protection from the point of view of the disabled individual and how this affects the work of authorities, officials and personnel (fi. oikeus = rights, law, justice)
  • the right to talk, value base, ways of thinking, processes, treatment, reception, ethics and support (fi. puheoikeus = right to talk – and to be listened to)
  • the right to a communication of one’s own (’speech’) in all phases of life and in one’s daily life, AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) as well as the competences and skills among users, care givers and employees to ensure an even better communication (fi. puhe = speech, talk)

Terry Grahn

is a behavioural scientist, special education specialist, MBA(Henley) and RN. Terry Grahn is the author of AAC Special Education©. She lectures, writes, debates and influences in issues related to AAC, Special Education, Communication, Handicap Service, the Right to Talk, Reception and Caregivers. Her expertise derives from acting both as an experienced professional and from being the mother of a special needs child.